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Hygienist Visit
Gum disease is still the main cause of tooth loss in the adult population and is preventable. Scale & Polish treatments and more advanced periodontal treatments carried out regularly can ensure you achieve and maintain healthy teeth for life. Good Dental Health is now inextricably linked to improved and sustained general health.
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These gum treatments are not available at all practices and we are happy to help you even if you are not registered with us. We offer Direct Access Hygienist appointments, meaning you can book an appointment for a Scale & Polish whether you are registered with us or not. Our lead Hygienist Lorraine Edwards is very experienced and gentle. She uses the most advanced ultrasonic equipment and when beneficial a Jet Spray Polishing system, to ensure you leave with a cleaner, healthier, fresher mouth as well as a brighter smile. Old stains on the teeth will be removed, returning the teeth to their natural original colour. Most importantly all calculus and plaque is removed to ensure the gums can return to health.