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A bright, white, confidence building smile really is now possible and affordable for all. There are many reasons for stained teeth, certain foods and liquids in your diet, smoking and medication can all lead to discoloured teeth. We are also pleased to inform you that darker teeth are no longer a compulsory part of ageing. Easy, affordable and importantly completely safe products are available in different strengths, there will always be one suitable for your teeth. The products we use are only available to Dental Professionals.

The whitening agent, Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide is completely safe, painless. simple and quick to use. Beneficially they contain Fluoride and a Desensitising agent. All natural teeth will lighten and the level of whiteness is really up to you. We assess you fully, ensuring your mouth is healthy prior to taking impressions for your custom made trays. On fitting the trays you are given full, detailed instruction which is followed by an email to ensure your full understanding. Results are noticeable within days, treatment taking between 30 minutes and 120 minutes a day. Your shade is taken electronically prior to starting to avoid any human error, and if desired again at completion. A typical British white smile takes approximately 2 weeks and an American 4-6 weeks.
Whitening can be used to improve the natural colour or to restore the natural colour to match existing crowns or veneers. It is sensible to achieve the shade you are happy with prior to any Dentistry requiring white filling materials, or veneers or crowns being made as these will not be altered by future whitening. It is also a fantastic treat to yourself at the completion of your straightening. We use products only available for use by GDC registered practitioners.

Under new regulations it is illegal for beauty clinics and salons to carry out tooth whitening, this also includes the sale of over the counter kits or toothpastes containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. Any GDC unregistered person carrying out this treatment is liable for prosecution. This law is to ensure your safety and protect you from the harm products can and do cause, as well as protect you from the illegal act of Dentistry being carried out by misleading named ‘Dental Technicians’  putting both your teeth and soft tissues at serious risk.

Here is a link to the GDC information guide so you can find out what you need to know before committing to any treatment.