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Private Fee’s
We strive to keep our fees as realistic as possible to help ensure our patients can afford our excellent, gentle Dentistry. The fee can be paid at each visit or if you prefer you can join Denplan, a monthly scheme designed to help you plan for your Dental costs more easily. Payment can be made using all major Debit and Credit Cards including Amex.

Adult Price List

    Diagnostic Services
  • New Patient Exam£52.50
  • Routine Exam£47.00
  • Examination Scale & Polish£84.00
  • Small X-Ray£15.00
  • OPG £50.00
  • Study Models£50.00

  • Teeth Whitening
    Upper & Lower Trays with four Tubes of Whitening Gel
  • Additional 3ml Syringe£20.00
  • Teeth Straightening
    Price per Tray
  • Teeth Straightening
    Upper & Lower Set
  • Teeth Straightening pre-course consultation
    15 Minutes - Including Study Models (Refunded if treatment continues)
  • Study Models£50.00

  • Planned£126.00

    Failed Appointment
  • 50% of planned treatment50%
  • Scale & Polish20 Minutes £63.00
    30 Minutes £84.00
  • CervitecPer Tooth £5.00
  • Mouth GuardSingle Colour £50.00
    Multi-colour £55.00

  • Amalgam
  • Composite
    Tooth colour matched from

    Root Canal & Apicectomy
  • From£350.00

  • From£575.00 (Incisor/Canine)

  • Call Out Fee£200.00

Children’s Price List

  • Under 5 years oldFree
  • 5 - 10 years old£10.00
  • 10 - Completion of Education£18.00
    Treatment Costs
  • 50% of Adult Costs50%
Something to take a closer look at
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Denplan is the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist. Our Dentist and Hygienist here at White Align Dental have worked with Denplan at our 'Denplan Excel' Practice since Denplans introduction over 20 years ago, and have worked closely with them ever since. Our approach is based on prevention, ensuring you get the best possible care and treatment you need to feel confident about your dental health, while still enjoying the benefits of knowing you are covered by the worldwide injury and dental emergency cover.
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